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About the Protognosis Institute

Founded in 2003, The ProtoGnosis Institute is a research and educational institution whose ultimate mission is to gather, formulate and promote policies based upon the original civilizing principles of Hellenist thought.

While there is no shortage of think tanks and lobbying organizations that promote a diverse array of ideologies, not one can demonstrate a history as broad or its ability to inspire populations to embrace civilized behavior as the principles of Hellenism.

Most importantly, it was classical Hellenist thought that was the basis for the American Declaration of Independence as originally drafted by Thomas Jefferson and, ultimately, the U.S. Constitution by our founding fathers.  Our Constitution is the most important political document in modern world history. The rule of law, majority rule, and the protection of minority rights are its fundamental principles. Yet, these very principles were developed 2,500 years ago.

As a contemporary think tank, we believe the only possible path to global peace and prosperity can come from the education of a sufficient number of the world’s citizens about the principles and vision that civilized the world— twice before. Today’s conditions make Hellenist thought even more critical to our mutual salvation.  The ProtoGnosis Institute’s vision is to help foster an enlightened populace.

We communicate our message to specific audiences: Congress, congressional staff, policymakers, news media, academic and public policy communities, and, most importantly, our fellow citizens.

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About the Background
Facing southeast, this view of the Parthenon was photographed on Aug 26, 1978, more than 2,400 years after it was built. Today the view is somewhat obstructed by scaffolding as it continues to be restored. Photo by Steve Swayne [CC BY 2.0 (]