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Our mission is simple but not easy.  Founded in 2003, The ProtoGnosis Institute is a research and educational institution whose ultimate mission is to gather, formulate and promote policies based upon the original civilizing principles of Hellenist thought.

In doing so, we believe an educated and therefore enlightened citizen, becomes a force in overcoming those who are seduced by the darkest human proclivities: corruption, arrogance and greed.  We also know that once inspired by Hellenist principles, a citizen finds fulfillment, purpose and a general feeling of well being.

Surprisingly, few people understand that the principles of Hellenism formed the ethical bases of all three major religions as well as providing the foundation of all western civilization. Twice in recorded history, Hellenism civilized the world- once during the Hellenistic Age (300 – 150 BC) and once again after the Fall of Constantinople.  The fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks compelled many Greek scholars to seek shelter in western Europe.  With them, they brought precious manuscripts written in ancient Greek, that were previously unknown or had fallen into obscurity in the West.  The exposure to the ancient Hellenist manuscripts ignited a resurgence of humanism and the study of science, philosophy, mathematics and the arts.

While our mission can be summarized in a single word, “Hellenism,” it  includes the development of programs that will ease human suffering and make our world a little bit better than before- a truly ancient Hellenist idea.

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