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From the perspective of a charitable organization, curing cancer is a simple concept- Simple, but not easy. The enemy is the disease. The only way to cure it is through medical research. Medical research requires a monetary investment. So an organization essentially solicits donations to fund research in order to find a cure.

The Protognosis Institute represents an idea that is not so simple. In fact, it must appeal to an individual blessed with strategic thinking. The problem is that most people today view us as the most advanced versions of human existence, erroneously concluding that 3,000 years ago, humans were simpler creatures existing without the benefits of modern technology. Of course, anyone who is familiar with the writings of the likes of Socrates, Plato or Aristotle, would immediately know that we are no more advanced. and perhaps more backward than those ancients. A quick review of a current news events would demonstrate that as a species, we have reverted to something more in line with the barbarity that pre-existed the discovery of Hellenism, the very basis of western civilization.  Thus, it takes somewhat of a nuanced appreciation of what is happening to our world, to see that our only rescue from devolving back to the jungle of old, is to re-introduce Hellenism to the world.

Once one understands the nature of this grand idea, it becomes clear that it is our only path away from destruction. The Protognosis Institute and the programs it adminsters, are structured to be a collection of individuals who embrace the civilizing principles of Hellenism to be a mission of Beauty, Goodness and Truth.

We ask that you help us with your individual gift. . .

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Nov 23, 2013 | A gift to those in the Pauma Valley of California.